Bettina Griepentrog-Wiesner, German Contemporary Art

              ...create a space of  inner peace  in a world, where chaos has become normality...















Feng Shui Art and Illumination Art

Natural Illumination Art

Products of onyx
positive emotions and warm feelings make your home a unique place

Products of onyx fascinate by their texture and structures. You give us your measures of your desired lamp and we will find the right one for you. Each piece made in onyx is one of a kind. The light of an onyx-lamp causes positive emotions and warm feelings and make your home a very special and unique place. Feel free to send an e-mail for more information!


Feng Shui Art

Painting orientated in Feng Shui
Gives you peace, happiness and prosperity
Improves your health and success

above: some sketches

Want to harmonize your relation ship? Need attract more clients in your business? Want improve Health and Energy in your life? Discover, how you make positive changes by using Feng Shui Art.

A painting orientated in Feng Shui gives you peace, happiness and prosperity, and improves your health and success.

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