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SARAH WIESNER, photography, painting, drawing, installation

Sarah Wiesner was born in Berlin, Germany on the 24th of February 1985 . She studied arts and photography at the Humboldt-College, Mexico, at the prestigious Colorado Rocky Mountain School, Colorado, United States from 2000 until 2003, as well as at the Willi-Graf-College and Volkshochschule in Berlin, Germany. She participated in various exhibitions at CRMS, Carbondale, Colorado. She took classes from David Powers, Khara Gaw and Lynn Pulford. Since 2006 Sarah Wiesner studies Regional science of Latino-America in Cologne, Germany, while continuing her artwork inspired by the enormous positive (yet, lamentably also negative) changes in the third-world countries. She received various awards in Germany. Her principal technique is drawing with pencil, pastel and oil. Sarah travelled a lot in Europe, Mexico (where she lived more than 8 years), the United States and Asia ( Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Ladakh and India). Her vision is: to make conscious about the mindless destruction of our natural environment. Sarah dedicates her life to improve the negative reputation of sharks, as well as of other feared animals by us human beings. Her drawings and fotografies remain in collections in Spain, Germany, United States, Mexico and Japan.

Sarah Wiesner
Sarah Wiesner
Sarah Wiesner
Sarah Wiesner


2007 Museum Santa Rosa, Puebla, Mexico, "Inner Spaces

2007 Alianza Francesa, Puebla, Mexico,Expo-Foto

2007 Museum Santa Rosa, Mexico "L'Atelier"

2006 Casa Plamper Cologne, Germany

2002 CRMS, Colorado, United States “Pinseladas”

2001 CRMS, Colorado, USA, "My Colorado"

1998 ImmoConnex, Berlin, Germany “Puebla-Berlin”

1998 Centro Cultural Niceart Puebla, Mexico “Faces”

1997 R & W Management Consulting, Berlin, Germany, "Reflections”

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Sarah Wiesner Sarah Wiesner

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